Halloween Theme: Little Witches

Head: Battle-mask of Rhûn (Umber)
Shoulders: Potent Combat Pauldrons of Éomer (Umber)
Chest: Tattered Dress (Umber)
Main-hand: Lantern

Head: Cap of the White Downs (Umber)
Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (Umber)
Chest: Carpenter’s Robe (Umber)
Hands: Isengard Prisoner Gloves (Washed)

Head: Fine Dwarf-make Linen Hat (Umber)
Shoulders: Mantle of Winter Drifts (Walnut Brown)
Chest: Death-shroud (Walnut Brown)
Hands: Fingerless Gloves (Umber)
Back: Plain Cloak (Walnut Brown)
Main-hand: Lantern

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